How Does It Work?

How Litigator Works

How Litigator works

Litigator handles the entire issuing process on your behalf.


Instruction letters to the respective Sheriff(s) are generated and the bundle of documents is hand delivered to the sheriff for service, all for one set fee.


Naturally this service improves efficiencies and turnaround times, over and above the cost savings benefit.


Case Creation

Users create cases on the Litigator platform. This allows the user to capture and store all material information relating to said case including, but not limited to,

  • case background;
  • important dates;
  • comments;
  • recoveries;
  • costs; and
  • documents.

The user is able to upload the respective summons (or other court documents, in PDF format) and have same issued, served or filed by Litigator at the respective Court.


Live Tracking

Live case tracking is available on the portal and proof of issuing/filing is made immediately available on the platform to be viewed or downloaded by the user at the click of a button. With Litigator’s live reporting functionality:

  • know exactly where your documents are at all times
  • view a document tracking history if needed


  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • Eliminate the stress of queuing at Court to issue documents
  • Sheriff jurisdiction is confirmed by Litigator
  • No hassle of delivering documents to the sheriff

As a legal practitioner you are now able to carry out the task of issuing, serving and filing of litigation documents in a seamless electronic environment.


Advanced Electronic Signatures


The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT Act) provides that where an original is required, that requirement is met if the document has an advanced electronic signature. Litigator has integrated the ability to sign litigation documents, on the Litigator platform, using a Class 4 Advanced Electronic Signature.


Additional Features

  • Dashboard – Provides the user with an overview of all your instructions depicting total costs, total recoveries and the total capital balance handed over. The user can also filter this by client/business unit.
  • Itemised Billing & Recoveries – Users can manage their Litigator costs, as well as their external costs all through the portal. The user is also able to record and track amounts received from debtors on the Litigator platform which, in turn, allows users to ensure that a low cost to high recovery ratio is maintained.
  • Integration – Litigator’s API allows for the effective exchange of data. The live data can be accessed both through the Litigator portal, or through the API.
  • Document Repository – The Litigator platform allows you to upload and store all documents that are material to your matter, making it a one-stop legal portal to safely and securely manage your legal matters.